At Westlands we understand that peace of mind is important to you and our respite care will provide that for you.


Providing a solution for temporary care needs

Although staying at home supported with carers can be successful, there are times when the elderly need 24/7 care and support, or their carers need relief. Westlands can help by providing different levels of care for periods of a week or more, with the aim of returning home. If you are dealing with unexpected illness or difficulty with home care arrangements, Westlands could provide the solution.

Residents with us for respite are cared for in the same way as permanent residents. Care needs and preferences are assessed and a plan is put in place to ensure that all the residents needs are met. We hope residents will participate and enjoy as many of our activities as possible.

Trained staff are on hand at all times of day or night and residents can expect their own ensuite room. All meals and dietary requirements are catered for and served in the dining room or individually in bedrooms. We have comfortable communal spaces including lounge, sun room, dining room, terrace and garden. Family and friends are welcome to visit at anytime. We work closely with healthcare professionals to ensure that residents have the optimum care. We stay in close contact with families to provide updates whenever required. Westlands Care Home is subject to continual monitoring and inspection to ensure the highest standards of care and accommodation.

Your safety and quality assurance

Your peace of mind is built with trust and confidence which is why Westlands is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, the UK’s independent regulatory body. We are subject to ongoing monitoring and assessment, assuring the highest possible standards of care and accommodation.

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