Residents enjoy a full program of activities which include weekly trips out to beauty spots and cafes, music, singing, arts & crafts, quizzes, seated exercises and film afternoons. We have a regular crossword group, topical discussions and regular visits from a hairdresser, chiropodist and manicurist. To view our current Activity Program, please click on ‘Current Activity Program’ above.

Date Time Activity Overview
Wednesday 31st May 14.00 Hairdresser
Thursday 1st June 14.00 Crosswords with Nigel
Friday 2nd June 14.00 Games with Alison
Saturday 3rd June resident Choice
Sunday 4th June 14.00 Film afternoon , choose on the day
Monday 5th June 14.00 Crosswords with Nigel
Tuesday 6th June 14.00 Ride out with Trevor
Wednesday 7th June 14.00 Hairdresser
Thursday 8th June 14.00 Country and Western duo/Manicurist
Friday 9th June Resident choice
Saturday 10th June 14.00 Giant Ker-Plunk
Sunday 11th June 14.00 Move it with Cathy
Monday 12th June 14.00 Beetle Drive
Tuesday 13th June 11.30/14.00 Armchair exercises/Crosswords with Nigel
Wednesday 14th June 14.00 Hairdresser/Ride out with Trevor
Thursday 15th June 14.00 Hymns and Church Service
Friday 16th June Resident choice
Saturday 17th June 14.00 Film afternoon, choose on the day
Sunday 18th June 14.00 Skittles
Date Time Activity Overview