Westlands Care Home publish an activity list every two weeks. To please see below to view our current activity program.

Date Time Activity Overview
Saturday 15th February 15:00 Movie afternoon
Sunday 16th February 14:30 Musical afternoon
Monday 17th February 14:00 Crosswords with Nigel
Tuesday 18th February 10:30


Barbara Beautifying

Quiz with Mary

Wednesday 19th February 11:30 “Move it or Lose it”
Thursday 20th February 14:00 Scatterpack with Mary
Friday 21st February 14:00 Ride Out with Trevor
Saturday 22nd February 14:00 Favourite songs with Mary
Sunday 23rd February 15:00 Movie afternoon
Monday 24th February 14:00 Crosswords with Nigel
Tuesday 25th February 09:00




Pancake Day

Barbara Beautifying

Word Association with Mary


Wednesday 26th February 14:00 Stuart Singing and Entertaining
Thursday 27th February 14:00 Cards or Bingo with Mary
Friday 28th February 14:00 Games with Caroline
Saturday 29th February 14:00 Favourite Songs with Mary